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Ensuring the Military Security CCTV is up to Standard

CCTV can play an important role in any business or organisation, but in the military it is especially important. Military security isn’t just essential in protecting the people who are serving, it is also essential for protecting everybody in the country. Therefore, it needs to be up to scratch. CCTV has many different uses in the military. It might be used for guarding entrances to military sites, such as barracks. These will often implement strict entry policies, which CCTV can help to bolster. It might also be used to ensure the safety of personnel when on the move and in training or even in combat situations. CCTV is also very... Read More »

Choosing a Dome CCTV Camera

CCTV devices come in all different shapes and sizes. One of the most popular designs is a dome-shaped camera, which will usually be fitted onto the ceiling inside a building. However, it is also possible to use certain models out of doors. One of the main benefits of this type of camera is its subtlety. It is small and discreet so can capture footage covertly. However, if you’re using it within a domestic property this could actually end up being a downside. One of the main benefits of installing any security system is that it can help to deter criminals, so if they can’t immediately spot it, that’s not ideal.... Read More »

CCTV Activated by Motion

If you choose to install CCTV in your building, it can be very useful to have a motion-sensing option. This means that the recording facility will only be activated if the camera’s sensor detects motion, so you won’t need to have lots of storage available for continuous recording. This kind of recording is an excellent option if you are going to be away from your premises for a long period of time. You can link the camera up to your mobile device or computer so that you’ll receive notifications if any movement is detected. You will be able to view the recording straight away and decide whether or not you... Read More »

Trap Zones in Your Home

Trap zones are the most effective security areas in your home. But what are trap zones, you might be wondering? A trap zone is an area in the home that will have the most traffic in your; this is usually a hall way that is a single area connecting to the upstairs part of the house, and the downstairs rooms, where people will pass through more than any other part of their home, to get to other areas of the house. By installing minimal security around the home, like a few motion sensors in the downstairs rooms near where the entry/exit doors are to the home, as well as IR... Read More »

Using Camera Security Systems to Protect Your Car

Your car is likely to be one of the most expensive and important possessions you have, and it’s vitally important to protect it against theft and vandalism or it can end up becoming extremely costly for you. A camera security system can help you to do this. Installing a camera system has multiple benefits, acting as a CCTV system to deter thieves, whilst also being linked up to the internet and your mobile phone to provide recorded evidence if somebody does break into your vehicle. A recordable security system can also be made use of during driving. Many cameras can attach to the dashboard and record what is going on... Read More »