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Military Security

When travelling to a dangerous country, acquiring a good security system is an imperative. The concerns related to security can change a lot depending upon the circumstances that you find yourself in. For instance, travelling and transporting property and personnel is one of the most risky times in these places. Convoy protection becomes very important in this situation.

Obviously, the stakes you will regularly confront in a war zone are completely different than what you would find in a safe and stable country like the UK, or much of the developed world. Your life will regularly be in jeopardy in a place like Afghanistan, while for the most part, in the UK the concern is with people stealing your property. To protect your property and your lives, you need to consider the different circumstances that you will find yourself in and plan accordingly. During transport, you will find yourself exposed to armed forces, but a more consistent matter which needs to be considered is protecting yourself from IEDs. A large portion of IEDs trigger mechanisms operate through a mobile phone or radio connection, which is where a Jammer becomes the ideal security product, but other IEDs operate with a pressure trigger, of which the only defence is awareness, as is the case with all victim activated bombs. This represents a big part of transport security, or convoy protection in war zones, but you may find it necessary to acquire security guards, and armoured vehicles, particularly if you are travelling in a larger group, creating a larger target.

Most places which are going through wars will contain a quite xenophobic population. In underdeveloped countries, like Afghanistan, there won’t be much infrastructure around to spare a business with a secure premises from which to operate from. Both of these two facts combine to make a quite difficult situation for any business enterprise. It basically means that you need to construct a secure facility from the ground up. To do this, you first need to create a secure border around the property. This means building a wall, and having a good surveillance system, so that you can catch problems, before they become a problem. Having your base of operations in a city will make this more difficult, but in that situation you can depend upon the military security offered by the host country.