What is a Bomb Jammer?

A bomb jammer is used to neutralise potential threats and prevent attacks. They are usually used by the military, police, secret services and other national security forces, for the protection of the nation. They are essential pieces of equipment in today’s world, where terror attacks are becoming increasingly common. A jammer is used to remove the threat of radio controlled improvised explosive device threats, also known as RCIEDs. This could include car bombs and roadside bombs, as well as any other type of bomb that could be used in a public place. Some systems will simply work to detect a suspicious signal. However, a bomb jammer can be used to... Read More »

How Can a Locksmith Help you?

A locksmith can do far more than provide lock changes and replacements. They can help you out with general security and making your property a safer place to be, improving your day to day safety and helping you look after your family’s safety too. Here are some of the services your local locksmith can offer: Lockout assistance. You don’t necessarily need the door to be broken down. A locksmith may be able to help you gain access without damaging your door or existing locks. Door replacements and repair work. Doors are one of the most important barriers you have to the outside world and criminals. A qualified locksmith will be... Read More »

Bespoke Surveillance Equipment for the Military

Military security requirements are completely different to civilian security needs. The military is there to protect others and in turn, they need to have the best protection themselves. Part of making sure all bases are covered in terms of security is to use quality surveillance equipment to monitor all activity. Surveillance equipment usually consists of jammers and bug detectors, though it could also include bomb jammers when security risks are high. Military personnel always need to be scanning for threats as it’s important to identify them early. Bug detectors and jammers come in many different forms. They can be designed specifically for military purposes, or the military can choose from... Read More »

Getting Some New Keys Cut

You will often find yourself needing to get some new keys cut. If you do, you need to be careful about what you are going to be doing with the new keys and where you have the service carried out. Here are some considerations: Security. Never underestimate the need for optimum security in your property. If nothing else, it helps you to feel secure and safe. Make sure the keys you get cut work properly in your lock and get your locks changed if any keys go missing. Price. Don’t just go for the cheapest key cutting option. Choose someone reputable. Perhaps think about choosing a well-known name as they... Read More »

Have you Locked Yourself Out?

It happens to all of us at some point – it’s so easy to lock yourself out of your house. If this happens, you’re going to need to services of a professional locksmith. You won’t be able to pick the lock yourself without causing a lot of damage, so it’s the best way to rectify the problem. Find a locksmith who serves your local area. If you have locked yourself out at night, find someone who can arrive with you quickly. Sometimes, call out times can be incredibly fast so find a locksmith that offers a good emergency service. If they are in your area, they should be able to... Read More »