Surveillance – can it be done Discretely?

There are certainly times when it is appropriate to use discrete surveillance methods. This will mean that people do not know they are under surveillance, so it can be useful for providing evidence or gathering reliable facts. Discrete surveillance is often necessary with matters of national security. In these situations, recordings are often made of suspects to help gather evidence and prove or disprove whether they are a threat. Surveillance techniques are very advanced and it may be possible to place hidden microphones to record conversations that can be used as reliable evidence. Security agents may also be able to use hidden cameras and body cameras to record footage. The... Read More »

The Importance of Staff Security

Keeping your staff safe and secure should be your top priority. This might mean investing in new systems to help improve the security of your building and of your business. You may want to consider some of the following ideas: Get new locks or introduce key fobs. This will give your staff a simple yet highly secure way of entering the building. You may even want to introduce a locking system that uses fingerprints or eyes for an extra-safe method of gaining entry. Hire a security guard. They will be able to oversee people entering the building and monitor who is inside at all times. This helps for your fire... Read More »

The Importance of Good Military Security Service Providers

The various parts of the military will all make use of different security services. They need a lot of equipment after all, and the services could include anything from surveillance technology to protective clothing. It’s essential that military security service providers are completely reliable and are able to provide the very best service. Here are some of the reasons why: People’s lives could depend on it. Protective equipment needs to be of the very highest quality to protect service men and women. Equipment that doesn’t meet standards is a real safety hazard. Implications for national security. Security doesn’t just have to be for physical personal defense – cyber security and... Read More »

Some Basic Security and Safety Tips

There are always things you can do to ensure you are as safe and secure as possible. This will help you to feel safer in your day-to-day life, as well as helping those around you to be safe too. The security experts at Absolute CCTV have put together a list of our top tips to help you: Leave valuables out of sight. Make sure they aren’t in view of your windows or within easy each of your front door. This will help to deter burglars – if they don’t think there’s anything valuable to steal, they will go elsewhere. Make sure you have a deadlock on your front door. This... Read More »

Using a Noise Generator to Protect Sensitive Information

A noise generator can be an essential piece of equipment for those who deal with sensitive information. Whether it’s to do with security for your clients, government security or the protection of highly confidential details, it’s essential that you keep everything completely confidential when people are relying on you. Yet at the same time, it’s not practical to avoid all discussions on these topics. This is where a noise generator can be the ideal piece of equipment to assist you. A noise generator will prevent your conversations from being recorded by any devices that might be present. This is perfect if you are concerned that you might have been bugged,... Read More »