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Under his eye – the power of Psychology in home security

We’re all used to the deterrent effect that alarms and other security measures such as CCTV can have, but these aren’t the only ways to deter intruders from entering your home.

Whilst some burglaries are planned and items stolen to order, the vast majority these days are opportunistic. Whilst still distressing, frustrating and costly, that does at least make them much easier to deter – you just need to ensure your home doesn’t look like an opportunity.

You may have noticed that some shops have a rather life-like and life-size image of a police officer in their front window. You may think that the reason for this is obvious – to make a clear link between theft and legal consequences.

Whilst that clearly is part of the aim, the true intention is much more subtle; to subconsciously suggest that you are being watched, and studies have shown that this is incredibly effective in preventing crime. Recent studies have shown that crime reduces dramatically where people feel that they’re being watched, and crucially, that doesn’t just refer to CCTV – the same impact is observed by using posters such as these, either of an observer, or just two large eyes.

So if you’re considering home security, perhaps this is something to consider – some subtle eye imagery. Cheap and incredibly effective!