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What is a Bomb Jammer?

A bomb jammer is used to neutralise potential threats and prevent attacks. They are usually used by the military, police, secret services and other national security forces, for the protection of the nation. They are essential pieces of equipment in today’s world, where terror attacks are becoming increasingly common.

A jammer is used to remove the threat of radio-controlled improvised explosive device threats, also known as RCIEDs. This could include car bombs and roadside bombs, as well as any other type of bomb that could be used in a public place.

Some systems will simply work to detect a suspicious signal. However, a bomb jammer can be used to interfere with the signal and make the device obsolete. This makes it a safer method to use in comparison to a simple detector. It is possible to purchase high powered IED jammers, convoy jammers and facility jammers. The device can be stationary or vehicle mounted.